Pain and pleasure

via Daily Prompt: Temporary

sitting in front of his pupils

I could see his eyes getting filled

filled with the pain that he still feels

that ache ,that wound which shall never heal

Ten yrs back he lost his dearest jewel

That was the day that ache he felt

proud father to a great son

Never knew any such thing was ever to come

The world turned pitch black in bright light

When he lost his son in the terrorist fight

Happy were all as he was to get married

Ignorant were they about the corpse that had to be carried

Though it has been ten years , the wounds are still fresh

He still stands tall and proud , nevertheless

He shall always bear the pain that his son was taken

But is proud that such a son he was ever given

says he ,”pain and pleasure are parts of same coin

can’t lose from a little pain ,rejoin”

His tear filled eyes gives me an ache

the very next moment I find my realisation to be fake

“Fake ! why is it so ?” you would say

cause I know I shall forget his pain the very next day

He perhaps cries everyday in the dark corner of his room

And curse the day when he was doomed

But as far as I know him

Not this weak he seems

Perhaps in front of the mirror everyday he stands

Looking at the hour glass and it’s slipping sand

I feel proud for having been his student

He inspires me to stand tall and never to bent

No matter what you go through

Pain and pleasure shall always accompany you

Do not sit back and mourn

Every breath of yours you need to earn

His strong will and never giving attitude

fills my little heart with gratitude

I thank almighty for having sent him into my life

who taught me pain and pleasure are beyond humanly thrife

Someday everything would find its reason

so for now laugh at confusions

Someday you shall surely gain

through those water drops that ever gave you pain

Someday you shall open the treasure

Of those memories that ever gave you pleasure

Someday everything would not be the same

Be it pleasure or pain



This is poem signifies that everything in life is temporary so one should nt hold on to things for long cause one day everything shall come to an end …soo try to live your life to the fullest and make use of every moment so that your story is read out loud even in your absence ..hope you understood what I meant 😉


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