Few stories…….

We would traverse the sea shore in cold winter nights

To gather love and energy for upcoming thrives

Me and him hand in hand

one of them resting on my waist and

my head leaning on his shoulder

together we could fightvery rock,every boulder

one such night indeed a beautiful one

saw an old couple which was uncommon

they too somewhat had the same posture.

I thought wishing them would be a great gesture

“Her face”,said I, “has got such lusture”

He smiled and said,”that’s our future”

I looked into his eyes and blushed

when she walked up to me and said ,”hushh”

“you shouldn’t be so expressive my dear

For your smile ,let him ,do some endeavour “

The old man laughed and gave him a pat

And said,”you are very lucky my lad

To have such pretty lady in your life

But ofcourse not as pretty as my wife”

He hugged and kissed her on her head

Seeing that love,tears did shed

I wanted to know their story,their love their pain

How crazy were they about each other ,how insane

Midst this we could hear the distant lighthouse bell

when she whispered ,”Hon! few stories are meant to live not to tell…”



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