Everyday a comical episode in the drama of life….


Hey guys me back…almost after 2 months…know many might not have missed me ..but believe me I missed all you guys like hell…although it’s stupid cause I know not one…but then that’s the best part.At times  strangers make your life so beautiful that your near and dear ones can’t even think of .

where was I busy? If that’s the question some of you asked then u must know it’s really difficult for an Indian teen to maintain everything at the same time.. ( please excuse me if u see any spelling mistake in this post of mine …cause it’s been a long time  i talked to myself and have actually written something…plus you can even take This as a brain game…and I am pretty sure ..you will definitely find out what I actually mean. .)

yaa so where was I …where did I vanish. …no I didnt .I was busy into my studies.But today I write cause I am really sad…..sad to be such an idiot that I can’t figure out the real people around me.And as John green said, ” the world is not a wish granting factory”.you might just not come across right people always but whosoever you come across leaves you with something that you need to understand…I aint writing a poem this time cause I really wanna talk to you guys this time.Not again…I again got deviated…old  habit you see….can’t help!!!  yes someone just made me realise that I was an idiot to have thought him to be good and nice and what not. ..but then I thank lord to have send him into my life cause he made me realize that …people wont  understand your worth until you make theme realize that…wondering if I had fallen for someone…believe me if I would have been at your place I might have thought just the same…but guys..I agree I am an idiot but not  that  stupid….

So won’t bore you more with my stupid life …and still wondering what the title has to do with  this dilemma of mine ..then I just gave it so that u start reading…haha!!! sorry. ..but love you all if u read it till the end..nd people who left me half way….I hate you guys..kidding  again….ok byee…


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