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“May call your family”,the major shouted

To the soldiers who were armed and shielded

“You are going to fight a great war for your nation “

“Never know if you will come back in the same condition “.

Everyone called except one

He was   former Brigadier’s son

His father died in the war front

When how to walk….this little boy had yet to learn.

“Want to call your mother?”

“No ,I don’t want her to bother”

The war was long ,lasted till the night

Followed by a loud explosion that came to major’s sight.

Among the corpse  that he found

He heard that soldier’s sound

I want to speak to her before I leave

I want to feel her breath …before I sleep

“When are you coming back home ?”was the first thing she asked on receiving his call

“why is so much commotion out there are you in the assembly hall!”

The major has granted my application,I am coming  soon..

Mom ..I m feeling cold but I don’t see the moon.

“Take  proper care of yourself I plead”

…right now it’s your hug is all that I need

“When are you coming back?its a question no new. “

Maa …my breath is falling short ..I can’t hear but see you

She kept the phone and gave a bright smile

It was bright enough to be seen from a mile

The last thing that she heard of him was a sigh

Which said he was coming g back from where he had started and was never gonna say goodbye. …

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