I was walking on the beach

Trying to analyse my life and it’s reach

Tides which arose in the sea

Were the same that arose within me


I wanted a break from this world

When I suddenly dashed into her

Pink cheeks and yellow face

Her thin red lips made my heart race


Unlike other  girls she started smiling

And said,” I know I am pretty stop  staring”

I stood up quickly realising my mistake

she looked so serene that everything around seemed fake.


We talked for an hour sitting on the shore

Slowly and steadily she entered my heart’s core

After that we met almost everyday

Now I thought it was time for me to say.


We decided to meet on the beach

To tell her how she changed my life and it’s reach

She looked mesmerising in her red frock

The wind too was playing with her blonde lock


I was on my knee with a ring

But today I could hear the tides sing

I could see her eyes flooding

and her lips smiling


“I love you it’s all that I can say,

Will you be my partner in sorrows and gay”

Hugging me she said,”I have lied

That day I had come here to die”

“But you came like a bright beam in eventide

And I felt my soul once again tied

When I saw you first I couldn’t stop smiling

And my heart inside was crying”

on hearing her I felt it was nature’s prophecy

To change our lives and merge our Destiny.

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