My last First Online kiss

images (32)We had first met through a social site

Being friends with him at first didn’t seem alright

He used flirt with me all day long

Chatting with him kinda felt wrong

Not because I was afraid  of love

But because he was Muslim by birth

And I belonged to an orthodox Hindu family

And had my life caged in this meaningless tyranny

But I don’t know How ,when and where I fell for him

Being with him was a beautiful dream

He would listen to me all day all night

And would say,”Don’t worry everything’s gonna be alright

He would always ask but I never told what Ifelt

Losing him for always was a big threat

But as Love has its own magic

I was compelled to accept as my heart would hear no logic

While we were planning our life ahead

Destiny had already planned something for us

We didn’t know where by our faith we were being led

My family got to know about us

They would listen nothing

They wanted our heads chopped

But I assured them that we would never chat again

All I wanted was his life ,in bargain

This was the last time we were seeing each other

I can’t live without him or with him either

Tears rolled down our face

I shall never forget such beautiful days

Said he,”before parting can we have our kiss

Yon shall always be in my eyes through this”

As my lips touched his through the screen

I could feel his warmth and presence

But as I opened them I could see blood stains on the screen

And my dad was standing on the other side

I don’t know whether we deserved that or not

But I am the reason that today he is gone

I know he is midst those stars

Waiting for me with open arms

Today we’ll finally meet and enjoy that bliss

Today we’ll 9nce again cherish our last First Online Kiss. ……

images (33)


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