My Heart


He comes to my dreams everyday

“I love you”,he would never say

I can see myself looking into his blue eyes

All that I can see are numerous lies


I hate the day when I met him

I hate the day “He is mine “when it seemed

I hate the day when I was all alone

I hate the day when he was gone


He promised to be by my side always

And love me till our hair got gray

He’s not here anymore to help me walk

That man is gone with whom I used to have HEART TALK

All because of this little tiny red organ inside me

which had a hole that my doctors’ could see

I had no chances to survive through this

Unless some fool was ready to give his

I wanted to be my best in the days at hand

But the more I tried,more they slipped like sand

But I didn’t have idea that he was planning this big

Of course! who would like to be with a girl so sick


The day before my operation he came and kissed my head

You’ll be fine tomorrow,I love you, for the first time he said

I was happy that I heard the words before sleep

But was ignorant  that such a small promise he wouldn’t keep


Just before OT,he said he’ll be waiting

But then I couldn’t help and said I won’t be Coming…..

He paused me half way and kissed again

Believe me I was relieved from pain


I am alive I was welcomed by the sun

But then a dreadful truth I learned

I was hugged by everyone except him

My eyes looked as far as they could,but he was no where to be seen


In the entire week he never came to me here

I so wanted this joy of mine to share

After I was discharged  the nurse gave me a letter

He wanted you to read this after you got better


Dear love,

I love you

My love is eternal it is true

I can’t imagine the world without you my life

And as I had promised I’ ll be by you in your thrife


As you would be reading this I won’t be there

As so much pain I cannot bear

I don’t want you to waste your life after me

you are beautiful,would get a better man I can see

I was the luckiest to have  spend such beautifup days

With you under this blue sky but I wish I may…..

I need to go, I should tell you I am selfish

I want you to see this world,you may think I am foolish

But I am doing what I always wanted to do

So what I’ll be gone but my heart would still beat inside you…..






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