The Cold


It was a late winter night

Everything so still and bright

The snow covered trees looked mesmerising

There were hours to see the sun rising

I was on a walk to feel the breeze

But suddenly I got freeze

It was not the wind or the cold

But a man under the bridge ,handsome yet old


I went to him in hopes to hear his story

And without looking at me he said,”come on hurry!”

I thought he was calling me

But how could he know my eagerness?could he see?

“Hello sir,what are you doing here ?”I enquired

“Waiting for someone to call me “he whispered


“But I see no phone”I agitated

“what the hell is your problem”He looked exasperated

I am sorry if I have disturbed you ,I apologised

He could no longer control himself and an hour he cried

It’s a cold night why do you sit so bare

To see an old man under a broken bridge is rare


“In a night like this I lost my wife

She was everything,my wealth,my life

You can’t give u everything for the one gone

No one can escape fate it has been known quite long


Believe me sir,she is in the paradise with the angels

She is a bright star above that twinkles

He laughed at me as if I said something foolish

And told me”God is very selfish”

It’s very simple and easy for you to say

Tell me ,if you loose someone close will you be gay

I love her that’s why I am here

I know she is in God’s loving care

Everyday I wait for the cold breeze to carry me to her

This dreadful loneliness I can no more bear


He again started staring the sky with wide eyes

I guess it was only me who could hear his cries

I go out for walk everyday and see him sitting there

Perhaps it’s the only thing he and his wife can share


Temperature seems to drop everyday

That lonely place hardly receives Sun’s ray

Time seems to pass but he still remains handsome and old

He is warm outside but I feel my heart getting cold



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