hey guys ! it’s so hot in here I feel like I am in a furnace or something ….(no can’t say that cause I have never been in a furnace …no body can…it’s just a metaphor you see ) I know you get it but just to be specific …..okk sorry …..so yaa it’s very hot, the temperature is high around the day and it pours at night …equatorial type….but living in the eastern part of a country especially there which was once called a hill station you don’t expect such hike in temperature….global warming  surely…..

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Global warming. …it’s reminds me of the movie’The day after tomorrow ‘ I know many of you must have already seen it but it’s for them who don’t watch movies or haven’t watched this for any reason. ….it’s a movie where we see the adverse effects  of climatic change where due to global warming something ( I don’t remember actually what was told too difficult to remember such things…especially weird terms from geography) reverse happens which leads to new ice age where we as humans can do nothing  but pray and hope to remain alive I don’t know What happens in the end …..I just got kicked out of the room by my parents(actually except for that action of being kicked I was subjected to all those humiliations ….and had I waited for nearly a second I am sure I would hAve been literally KICKED out….you should respect your own…. right. ..no I am not talking about the self respect actually it ls some thing  which I never have at home I am talking about my butt) ok I know that sounds ……….different people have different way of thinking so just fill that space as you wish….

oh !that’s the thing I don’t like about myself I often get deviated from the topic..so we were talking g about global warming  ….ya I wish I could see what happened at the end …but then ‘this world is not a wish granting factory'(line from The Fault in our Stars) but on a serious note we are at the verge of a severe climate change that may take a few years later may be after 100 years or very soon …but whenever it happens we surely won’t be here to see the rage of the nature …so why should we bother…but what if it happens 100 weeks later there is probability to everything but then it’s just a probability you can’t be sure of it unless it becomes reality but they who spend their lives in probability are nothing but big fools……I think I should straight get to the point …I wanna appeal everyone reading this please save this world …everyone complains to live in world where there is no discrimination,racial ism, poverty etc etc but guys to live in such a world of our dreams we first need to have  a world….we can change it ….we can …we alone can do great but remember you are never alone …the moment you think you can do nothing  remember these line

if you focus on results you will never see change but if you focus on change you will surely see results 

…no its not mine it’s someone else’s but I kinda love this quote  …so I hope we all would try to reduce this warming with everything that we can do .I haven’t mentioned what should be done as it is up to you what you need to do cause we all have different way of thinking and making a change …but the result should be same that is TO THE WORLD …

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so here is mine another long poem from my list I wrote this when I was 12 for one of my school projects

The cry of the nature

Traveiling along the lake side

I heard a low cry

it was a cry which had nothing to hide

I went close to find what was it

which made it weep

what …it was a tree

it was so helpless I could see

why are you crying dear

Do you have lots of pain to bear

please help me he will kill my clan

But whom are you talking about

No one else it’s him…man

Really I was in doubt

I travelled more along the side

I again heard a deep cry

it was the water now

she looked miserable and sounded low

what had happened to you .,mother

what is it that makes you bother

why do you sing such a low song

She replied,”cause I am not going to last long”

Don’t you see I am so polluted and dirty

This litter has snatched all my liberty

Is it the man again

Who is giving you all these pains

sorry we destroyed your beauty

Don’t worry dear I think it has now become a part of his duty

Their remarks made me ask

Few questions to myself

what are we doing?

On which path are we going?

Is this what we came here for

Only a wish I want more and more

How shameful indeed

This is our mother earth on which we feed

She is who gave us life

And we are destroying her in our thrife

We have  to save her from death

Cause she owes our each and every breath

We need to save her from pollution

Or else we shall be in the same condition

In this sandy desert

we all shall become mere travellers

Nothing to eat

And nobody to meet

This problem can come to an end

But we need to start soon before its too late to mend

….I know it’s not that great but the message   is delivered and  that is what important.. I guess it s the longest post till now …I think  you need a time out …ok then see you later ..bye and don’t forget to change…not your phone obviously but a more simple thing which I called the world …..bye


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