My life a Heresy


she was sitting quietly by that tree

Her ragged clothes and dirt covered face was all that I could see

I being a part of an aristocratic  family

was not habituated to see something so ugly

. But to show how big a heart I had

I steeped down and offered money to that young lad

In a firm voice said I, “take this I know your sad song”

But the young lady looked at me as if I did something wrong

Hey!why do you look at me that way

She gave a smile and said,”what should I say”

I helped you cause I know you are poor

this could help you and your family I am sure

she laughed and said ,”you really have good sense of humour

who told you that I am poor I am sure that’s a rumour “

It’s not something which needs to be told

I can make out from your clothes that are torn and old

Oh !Lord these aristocrats are such dumb

their sensibilities  are so cold and numb

Th hey don’t know that it’s not the clothes or money which makes one poor

But it’s the soul and the karmas of a doer”

Turning to me she said,” you live in the fear of loosing

But I live in the pride of choosing”

‘choosing’……between what hunger and death

Ha!Ha! you are hilarious I bet

“No”she whispered “choosing between self respect  and hunger

choosing between love and anger”

“I prefer to be hungry to keep my self respect unaffected

And that’s why many a time this money have I rejected”

Handing over the money to me she went back in her torn tent

For the first time in my life I found my ego bent

But believe  me I was not angry, I don’t know the exact reason

But that girl left me with  a great lesson

That everyone is equal before Almighty

whether it be a beggar or a rich brat like me

you shouldn’t give up your self respect for a filthy sum

it will only leave your heart numb

She is always in my thoughts

the more I think about her the more I get caught

Caught in the mesh of philosophy

Forcing me to believe that her life is real and mine a heresy


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