A new day

hey guys my stats are booming up seem I am in demand…..oooo…feels great

no new agenda today ..just few thoughts to share.yesterday morning was superb ,went with my kakima (bengali term for aunt)for a jog to the main road .A new way to reduce pollution has been brought about by  the government  along with the initiative  of a Hindi daily .oh what a sight although I am not good in philosophy but can describe it beautiful though many won’t like to see sweaty people roaming about the streets but you could see just everyone from different walks of life…from a 5 year kid to a  50 year youth(I call them youth as their enthusiasm was no less than a youngster)



.We gathered around a stage where our ears were enriched by melodious songs of few kids representing  their academy….although I detested the crowd cause it was kinda cheap ….but the best part was there was a trio about the age of my dad nearly 50(if somebody is trying to figure  out how is my dad that old then let me tell you I have got a sister 8 years elder to me …now you can do the maths yourself)yaa so where was I. ..the trio…right. ..they had these whittles which they played along with the melady of the song that was being performed …and they were dancing…such amazing dancers ..(no not really) they were wearing half pajamas and gaurd …kinda in the costume of roller skaters….



sorry couldn’t get their pictures it’s rude to click somebody’s pictures without asking. ..although I had an amazing morning but the day was not that great as it started. ..I ended up crying in the afternoon.


no!! nobody slapped me or beat me neither was I scolded  ….no don’t make any  gusses…I was reading ‘The fault in our stars’….. now stop smiling ….I know you are …I completed the book but was left with many questions  as Gus and Hazel had after reading ‘an imperial afflictions ‘ it’s the book that brought these two together.

my questions  were ….what was Hazel’s reaction after she read the euolouge which Gus was writing for her?was she crying as she could not hug him anymore and tell him how superb his euolouge was or was she happy that she finally found the most precious thing that Gus left to her after he was gone.What happened to Mr van houten did he write the sequel to his book?what happened to Gus’s parents after he was gone did they just got separate(as according to Hazels or somebody’s theory most parents separate after their child’s death)? how long did Hazel survive? Is right now Gus and Hazel together living their love in paradise…..and so many….

I was so taken aback when he died ..I so wanted them to die in their arms although that wouldn’t have reduced my pain for the star crossed couple in any way….

So that was the afternoon the evening was worse ..my dad’s colleague visited us to give me directions for my hell future (I call it so because I am not pretty sure if it will turn out heaven) along with him came his brother and his nephew we are of same age…

they kept on saying how people who didn’t deserve to be in the high rank are placed so well and they can do nothing but mourn as they were careless that time and kept on chatting the same thing in infinite  different ways.The boy was just in front of me neither of us seemed interested in the conversation he kept on staring me as if saying “welcome to my world I hear these thing daily” ignorant about the fact that I was also the victim of these emotional tragedy.Although I didn’t stare him back cause I didn’t want to start a staring competition …this convocation of ours continued for hours …we both were exhausted and wanted a time out…I wasn’t thinking about Gus and Hazel any more cause  you can’t handle so much stress at a time …drives you nuts…

OK I think or rather I know that  after this post my stats will go down again  and this time below sea level ….but lord has downloaded a great app in our body which is called hope it does not drains much battery and keeps the system away from hanging up…hope my system too doesn’t hang up…bye


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