Deeper reflections

Hi !everybody hope you read the previous post …I know it wasn’t that impressive  but I am trying my level best . I shared about this with my peers they kinda love my idea about this  blog.

Oh I just don’t wanna stay at home…’s like you are  a prisoner in your own home ..but yes it’s not that bad  even…everyday my dad asks me the same question  “where do you see yourself ten years  later”(though these are not the exact words but the meaning remains the same) he knows I want to be a fashion designer though the society in which we live or rather I live is full of stereotype norms.he sees me either in a white court carryING drugs and injection  or a wrench …he imagins a suffix engineer  before my name but it’s not what I wanna do.

Many friends of mine who are reading this blog are perhaps facing the same situation ..parents are forcing you to do MBA,CA,ENGINEER. ..etc but you want to be a wildlife photographer or a journalist or a dj and many more…

But if we see through their point of view I think or rather I know they are not wrong it’s just that they don’t want to take any chance with our future .

Today while I was having a very serious conversation with  him I asked him”Papa is making money everything to you don’t you value the knowledge your daughter is gonna gain”he gave a slight smile to me and said”honey making money may not be anything to you but it is everything to this world in which we live..this world won’t ask you whether do you know how much is 2*2 but it would surely  ask whether you have Mercedes or not. So to survive in this ruthless competitive world you need to change with it …”

He is correct though not completely….it’s not the norms.of the society that controls your life it’s your life that control the Norms of the society.the way society behaves is the way people constituting it behave and it’s we who constitute a society if we are rational enough to understand what should be valued over what and take our lives into our hand…we change it the way we want….OK now I have given quite a boring lecture it’s my request to every reader don’t let your dreams to be thrown in a garbage bin they are not trash.If people don’t believe in you let them not .Take this as a challenge and prove it…. to them the moment you think of giving up remember all those reasons that made you stick to it ..just don’t give up for anybody no matter who that person is but at the same time you shouldn’t forget your responsibilities owe them and if it’s your turn to return don’t take a step back.

Try to figure  out some thing that will not even hurt them and you also remain connected to your life so here is another poem of mine from my collection

images (2)


I suddenly heard a sound from nowhere

I guess I knew it came from where

The place where I never visited

Because I know it felt cheated

That place is nowhere but my heart

Which has got a very special art

The art of recognising voice

The voice of no one else but my choice

Why is it we give more importance to others

Why is it that their comments make us bother

Who are they?

Who has given them the permission to say

To say anything about our lives

Who are they to get into our thrives?

Who are they to take the decision?

Why are we their main concern?

Do whatever you wish to do

Don’t worry it’s when,where and who

It’s their hobby to talk

But it’s you who has to walk

It’s only you who has the right

It’s only you who can decide

There are many who would come and say trash

But there’s no one to take the blame when the car of your life will crash

Get up be bold

It’s high time you get your life into your hold

Be determined to achieve what you dreamt

Because you only know how much it meant

Don’t be afraid ,be fearless

If it’s required be shameless

Shameless to say aloud

That you want to make a difference and not follow the crowd

Don’t just ignore that voice

It’s your life and it’s your choice


Hope you would like the post and please don’t forget to comment on it and yes if you have any suggestions and think we can discuss about it on my next post feel free to do so


2 thoughts on “Deeper reflections

  1. A lot of teenagers; specially in India is facing this problem right now! We don’t take other’s comments seriously; which are always against our dream or will… But parents easily gets distracted! Listening to useless comments, they start forcing us to do what is right according to them!
    Exactly! The people who comment… Who are they? Who on earth gave them the right to decide our future? Will they come and help us during our bad days? My experience says NO!
    And again, the poem’s awesome!
    This post was quite motivating and every teenager should go through this post! Keep it up and expecting for more posts!!


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