The new girl in the town

day 2

Hi guys!I know not many had been waiting for this post of mine but at least. ..I hope that there’s someone (even though there’s nobody but thinking that there’s somebody waiting for a teenage post makes one…I mean …makes me feel hapy) lately I am being visited by Hazel grace and Augustus  waters ,they are the protagonist of John green’s book ‘the fault in our stars’


I was never a book person .frankly I don’t like reading books they kinda suck but whenever I tell my friends about this I am made a laughing stock as it is hard to believe that a girl who is the second topper of her class and is considered a knowledge guru hates reading….OK I don’t mean to boast about myself…it’s what my friends feel(OK to be honest I love they fact that the consider me wise …..)but I really don’t like reading specially  novels but I decided to read this one cause I have heard how brilliant it is.

I am in the 7th chapter but the way I feel about the protagonists of the story  is really unexpected from   a person like me .I kinda feel that I myself  is a part of or rather I am Hazel grace .if you haven’t read the book let me tell you she is a young girl of 16 suffering from lungs cancer and therefore she always has to carry an oxygen  cylinder with day she meets a guy named Augustus waters who is a friend of one of the cancer patient from her support group..OK I won’t bore you with  the story rather would suggest you to read it but I wanted to say that all the time I keep on thinking about her and Augustus  I mean being  a teenager you can’t stop thinking about a guy so well described and called **xy .

Even when my phone rang I expected it was his…no its not a hyperbole  it really happened and if you have read it you know that I am not lying ..but this story left me with  a deeper  reflection  that no matter you are suffering from  a  disease which is incurable and have fallen for a guy who too is suffering from something like this …life goes on. It doesn’t stop for any of us no matter how much you deserved  to live ..and this reminds of my poem which I wrote when I was 13

The show must go on

images (1).jpg

Yesterday  I went to the circus with Jason

And there ,I  learnt a great lesson

During the special act of that night

Everything wasn’the all right

Two jokers were doing an aerial act

It was dangerous,everyone knew that fact

When the ring master asked how prepared they were

They said,”we won’t disappoint you ladies and gentlemen we swear”

Everyone had expected a great show

When suddenly”oh”

One of the joker fell onto the ground from that height

It was indeed a dreadful sight

Blood was all around

And then we heard a laughing sound

The other joker said,”what a shame

You little fellow you lost the game “

Then addressing to us he said,”don’t worry  about what has happened

The ring master would provide for the one he has taken

Don’t worry rejoin

Life and death are the sides of same coin

Don’t cry for the one who is gone

For whatever happens the show must go on


This is what I felt OK I think know it’s too long for a single post  so hope you are enjoying though  I don’t know how much you really are…but please bare with me …I am certain if you are elder you at times would get a reflection of your past life in this voyage but if you are younger then prepare yourself with my journey  for your journey ahead. Would wait for your reviews…


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