A new girl in the town

Hi guys !I am sude. I am a tenth grader or better to say I just appeared for my first public exam here in India . I have always dreamt of starting a blog and get connected to people far and  wide. …I write this blog to invite everyone to join the journey of a 15 year old who is soon gonna be 16 and face the real world for the first time.

If anyone is interested in the crazy and adventurous  life of this youngster …he/she is cordially invited in this voyage with me where I am the captain and the only crew member of this ship unless you join me.

Talking abouto me I am a girl from one of the small towns in India and like every other energetic  youth have got certain dreams but the roadway to that is not easy. I belong to a middle class family and my parents see their dreams through my eyes and I understand that bup I see this world in a whole different way. I have a dream..but sadly is surrounded by cliche and stereotype thoughts .

I am not going to give up but can’t let go my parents too

I have got a bunch of idiots in my life whom I call my friends but frankly they are the one who have thought me to live life in a happy style…

18so yes ..my friends are some what like this …I live in a joint family a crazy family indeed perhaps almighty ‘s best gift till now

I think I have told enough for this post

If interested keep reading and leave your worthy reviews behind


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