The starer



He used to see me walk home everyday

But never came close and never a word did he say

Whenever I walked towards

Found him running away like cowards


Who was he ?I don’t know

What we’re his real emotions ,why he never showed

What was his name?where did he come from

But I so dotingly waited when he was gone

He being gone has been a year

Will I never see him again was a big fear

Until yesterday when he came up

And handed over a chocolate cup


“Why did you never speak to me?

What made you stare at a girl like me.?”

It’s your eyes that reminds me of her

She was as beautifull as you are,my five years old daughter

I was the luckiest man when she was born

but the most unfortunate that she is gone

Had she been alive she would have been like you

And that’s why I used to stand by that tree to see you


We shifted ago a year

I have just come to see you dear

To see my daughter for the last time

To wish you good luck and may all your wishes are granted by that devine


These were the last few words he said

I remember how his eyes were moist and wet

I wanted to give him some happiness cause I felt so bad

And couldn’t help myself and called him dad



In this way I gave him a daughter

And was successful enough after a long time to get myself a father

Perhaps it was almighty who sent him like a bliss

Never knew that an orphan like me would get a father like this


Hey!guys this is my next post it’s a poem that I wrote recently ……this is one amongst my unexplored talent..though many don’t appreciate it but hope you would










12 thoughts on “The starer

  1. Awesome poem,shudeshna!!!! It was one of the best I have read till now and most importantly it was beautifully written….


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