Pain and pleasure

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sitting in front of his pupils

I could see his eyes getting filled

filled with the pain that he still feels

that ache ,that wound which shall never heal

Ten yrs back he lost his dearest jewel

That was the day that ache he felt

proud father to a great son

Never knew any such thing was ever to come

The world turned pitch black in bright light

When he lost his son in the terrorist fight

Happy were all as he was to get married

Ignorant were they about the corpse that had to be carried

Though it has been ten years , the wounds are still fresh

He still stands tall and proud , nevertheless

He shall always bear the pain that his son was taken

But is proud that such a son he was ever given

says he ,”pain and pleasure are parts of same coin

can’t lose from a little pain ,rejoin”

His tear filled eyes gives me an ache

the very next moment I find my realisation to be fake

“Fake ! why is it so ?” you would say

cause I know I shall forget his pain the very next day

He perhaps cries everyday in the dark corner of his room

And curse the day when he was doomed

But as far as I know him

Not this weak he seems

Perhaps in front of the mirror everyday he stands

Looking at the hour glass and it’s slipping sand

I feel proud for having been his student

He inspires me to stand tall and never to bent

No matter what you go through

Pain and pleasure shall always accompany you

Do not sit back and mourn

Every breath of yours you need to earn

His strong will and never giving attitude

fills my little heart with gratitude

I thank almighty for having sent him into my life

who taught me pain and pleasure are beyond humanly thrife

Someday everything would find its reason

so for now laugh at confusions

Someday you shall surely gain

through those water drops that ever gave you pain

Someday you shall open the treasure

Of those memories that ever gave you pleasure

Someday everything would not be the same

Be it pleasure or pain



This is poem signifies that everything in life is temporary so one should nt hold on to things for long cause one day everything shall come to an end …soo try to live your life to the fullest and make use of every moment so that your story is read out loud even in your absence ..hope you understood what I meant ūüėČ


Few stories…….

We would traverse the sea shore in cold winter nights

To gather love and energy for upcoming thrives

Me and him hand in hand

one of them resting on my waist and

my head leaning on his shoulder

together we could fightvery rock,every boulder

one such night indeed a beautiful one

saw an old couple which was uncommon

they too somewhat had the same posture.

I thought wishing them would be a great gesture

“Her face”,said I, “has got such lusture”

He smiled and said,”that’s our future”

I looked into his eyes and blushed

when she walked up to me and said ,”hushh”

“you shouldn’t be so expressive my dear

For your smile ,let him ,do some endeavour “

The old man laughed and gave him a pat

And said,”you are very lucky my lad

To have such pretty lady in your life

But ofcourse not as pretty as my wife”

He hugged and kissed her on her head

Seeing that love,tears did shed

I wanted to know their story,their love their pain

How crazy were they about each other ,how insane

Midst this we could hear the distant lighthouse bell

when she whispered ,”Hon! few stories are meant to live not to tell…”


THE FRIDAY (human mind and it’s contradictions )

“so ,you come here often?”…”what makes you think I loose my near and dear ones often””oh!that is not what I meant ,I m sorry ,all I wanted to say …oh!forget it ,I too lost my son recently ,so excuse me ….and I ‘m sorry again”

This was my first conversation with her and coincidently it too was the first Friday of the month .I don’t know her name, I call her the lady in black cause whenever I saw her she’d be in black, some special reason I guess! I couldn’t talk more to her on this topic that too in a cemetery where I was present to lessen my guilt which I guess has never subdued.Every Friday whenever I go to Joey’ s place to offer flowers I would find fresh gardenia already there. I never understood it cause to Joey it was only me ,’AMANDA AND JOEY,THE PERFECT COUPLE’, as called by our friends ¬†.

Today an entire month passed away since he left me all alone in this very world .Every Friday when I go to visit him I find those gardenias and that lady in black who comes to visit her son….I guess. It was yesterday when on the same old white bench I found her sitting but this time a little anxious ,a little hysteric …a little not herself .”Are you fine ?” ,I asked …”Yeah completely !” “No, you don’t seem to might share ,perhaps you might feel better ,if you feel like …..I ain’t forcing”

“last month ….” she paused ,looked to her sides folded her hands and started babbling.I call it babbling cause it seemed it wasn’t me who she was talking to.”yes ,last month ,what ?””I could have saved him (annoyed at herself) ¬†…he was this close …but I didn’t, how shall I live ,oh !Jesus …oh ! father …what have I done ”

“who oooo…wait a second I understand nothing…you come here for your son right.It’s okay you can ¬†share ,it will help.Joey.,my boyfriend whom I come to meet here ,would say ‘everything on earth could be solved by talking ‘ I never paid attention to whatever he said but today I so miss him ,I wish I could hear his voice once ,I wish!” . she looked uncomfortable ,strangers usually become so when they find someone terribly weeping in front of them .The same happened to her .She continued ,” It was the first Friday of last month,I was drunk …it Was a party ,my nephew’s graduation party ….I was so happy ,but I could barely open my eyes .Everyone insisted me to stay ..stay at home but I wanted to leave and eventually left ,despite I knew I couldn’t drive .You know how late January’s ¬†are ..fog clad ,low visibility and fatal .I had crossed the Moor and I was only 5 blocks away from home when my phone beeped ,I couldn’t open my eyes as I was very tired and drunk, I bent a little low to pick up my phone and in the very next moment I became a murderer.

I wouldn’t have become one had I not panicked and had not wasted those crucial thirty minutes,agitating to myself ,crying, weeping rather than helping him make to the hospital.A beautiful young lad lost his life because of me .I took him to the hospital but just to confirm my heinous crime ,my karma .He was dead ¬†till then .He couldn’t be saved “..her voice shook ., “when enquired he was found to have no family ,what a fate .I too have no children ..when I saw his body and gazed at my hands I felt like hanging myself .It felt that I had killed my own son ,what a fate !” and she started crying loud. “But …why are you so anxious today ? you couldn’t ¬†help,sometime somethings are just out of your reach .Joey too died of an accident ,I couldn’t save him..and this still kills me inside but I know that he is happy up there .”

She whispered ,” today the cops assured that my case will be closed and they even told that the kid whom I had killed was soon getting married .oh ! what a disaster I destroyed a family even before it started .oh! what I did ….” and she left whispering to herself. I could see the guilt in her eyes ,may lord forgive her .I miss Joey a lot , we both loved each other a lot ….God might forgive his murderer but I will never .He was my everything and soon we were to take vows before all mighty to live together till the eternity but our dreams remained dreams .Every Friday I see her and those fresh gardenias near his epitaph , I still wonder where they come from and pray to Lord that may her sins be forgiven and ask to punish the guilty for whom I lost my love ……

Everyday a comical episode in the drama of life….


Hey guys me back…almost after 2 months…know many might not have missed me ..but believe me I missed all you guys like hell…although it’s stupid cause I know not one…but then that’s the best part.At times ¬†strangers make your life so beautiful that your near and dear ones can’t even think of .

where was I busy? If that’s the question some of you asked then u must know it’s really difficult for an Indian teen to maintain everything at the same time.. ( please excuse me if u see any spelling mistake in this post of mine …cause it’s been a long time ¬†i talked to myself and have actually written something…plus you can even take This as a brain game…and I am pretty sure will definitely find out what I actually mean. .)

yaa so where was I …where did I vanish. …no I didnt .I was busy into my studies.But today I write cause I am really sad…..sad to be such an idiot that I can’t figure out the real people around me.And as John green said, ” the world is not a wish granting factory”.you might just not come across right people always but whosoever you come across leaves you with something that you need to understand…I aint writing a poem this time cause I really wanna talk to you guys this time.Not again…I again got deviated…old ¬†habit you see….can’t help!!! ¬†yes someone just made me realise that I was an idiot to have thought him to be good and nice and what not. ..but then I thank lord to have send him into my life cause he made me realize that …people wont ¬†understand your worth until you make theme realize that…wondering if I had fallen for someone…believe me if I would have been at your place I might have thought just the same…but guys..I agree I am an idiot but not ¬†that ¬†stupid….

So won’t bore you more with my stupid life …and still wondering what the title has to do with ¬†this dilemma of mine ..then I just gave it so that u start reading…haha!!! sorry. ..but love you all if u read it till the end..nd people who left me half way….I hate you guys..kidding ¬†again….ok byee…


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“May call your family”,the major shouted

To the soldiers who were armed and shielded

“You are going to fight a great war for your nation “

“Never know if you will come back in the same condition “.

Everyone called except one

He was ¬† former Brigadier’s son

His father died in the war front

When how to walk….this little boy had yet to learn.

“Want to call your mother?”

“No ,I don’t want her to bother”

The war was long ,lasted till the night

Followed by a loud explosion that came to major’s sight.

Among the corpse  that he found

He heard that soldier’s sound

I want to speak to her before I leave

I want to feel her breath …before I sleep

“When are you coming back home ?”was the first thing she asked on receiving his call

“why is so much commotion out there are you in the assembly hall!”

The major has granted my application,I am coming  soon..

Mom ..I m feeling cold but I don’t see the moon.

“Take ¬†proper care of yourself I plead”

…right now it’s your hug is all that I need

“When are you coming back?its a question no new. “

Maa …my breath is falling short ..I can’t hear but see you

She kept the phone and gave a bright smile

It was bright enough to be seen from a mile

The last thing that she heard of him was a sigh

Which said he was coming g back from where he had started and was never gonna say goodbye. …

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I was walking on the beach

Trying to analyse my life and it’s reach

Tides which arose in the sea

Were the same that arose within me


I wanted a break from this world

When I suddenly dashed into her

Pink cheeks and yellow face

Her thin red lips made my heart race


Unlike other  girls she started smiling

And said,” I know I am pretty stop ¬†staring”

I stood up quickly realising my mistake

she looked so serene that everything around seemed fake.


We talked for an hour sitting on the shore

Slowly and steadily she entered my heart’s core

After that we met almost everyday

Now I thought it was time for me to say.


We decided to meet on the beach

To tell her how she changed my life and it’s reach

She looked mesmerising in her red frock

The wind too was playing with her blonde lock


I was on my knee with a ring

But today I could hear the tides sing

I could see her eyes flooding

and her lips smiling


“I love you it’s all that I can say,

Will you be my partner in sorrows and gay”

Hugging me she said,”I have lied

That day I had come here to die”

“But you came like a bright beam in eventide

And I felt my soul once again tied

When I saw you first I couldn’t stop smiling

And my heart inside was crying”

on hearing her I felt it was nature’s prophecy

To change our lives and merge our Destiny.

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My last First Online kiss

images (32)We had first met through a social site

Being friends with him at first didn’t seem alright

He used flirt with me all day long

Chatting with him kinda felt wrong

Not because I was afraid  of love

But because he was Muslim by birth

And I belonged to an orthodox Hindu family

And had my life caged in this meaningless tyranny

But I don’t know How ,when and where I fell for him

Being with him was a beautiful dream

He would listen to me all day all night

And would say,”Don’t worry everything’s gonna be alright

He would always ask but I never told what Ifelt

Losing him for always was a big threat

But as Love has its own magic

I was compelled to accept as my heart would hear no logic

While we were planning our life ahead

Destiny had already planned something for us

We didn’t know where by our faith we were being led

My family got to know about us

They would listen nothing

They wanted our heads chopped

But I assured them that we would never chat again

All I wanted was his life ,in bargain

This was the last time we were seeing each other

I can’t live without him or with him either

Tears rolled down our face

I shall never forget such beautiful days

Said he,”before parting can we have our kiss

Yon shall always be in my eyes through this”

As my lips touched his through the screen

I could feel his warmth and presence

But as I opened them I could see blood stains on the screen

And my dad was standing on the other side

I don’t know whether we deserved that or not

But I am the reason that today he is gone

I know he is midst those stars

Waiting for me with open arms

Today we’ll finally meet and enjoy that bliss

Today we’ll 9nce again cherish our last First Online Kiss. ……

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